Let’s Get This Party Started

You’d think an English teacher would have started a Blog the second they hit the scene. I thought about it. Really. I may have even created a site somewhere and then forgot where (a pretty common event these days). Deep down I had good intentions of using writing to record important events, reflect on the good/bad/ugly, and make sense of this wonderful, crazy life (hence the tagline) — all those things I tell my students to do.

I’ve kept some sort of a journal or diary since 5th or 6th grade. [Note to self: burn some of those before I die.] Some entries are entertaining, some embarrassing, some downright stupid. Yet they reflect my life at the moment…a lovestruck junior high girl, a teenager spreading her wings, a college student wondering if she chose the right career, a newly married farm wife, an expectant mom, a teacher developing her craft, a traveler seeing the world for the first time, a single parent struggling with heartbreak and heartache, a 35 year-old who knew the last thing about dating…again, a proud mom of The Most Amazing Daughter In The World, a woman learning to believe in and love herself no matter what life throws at her.

My story is worth telling…not necessarily for strangers who happen upon this site or even those I share it with. For me. I seem to have sped through too many crossroads in my life, always anticipating what was around the next bend or worrying about what I left in the dust. It’s time to enjoy the ride. Be mindful. Live in the moment. Take it all in and give it right back.

Those who know me well know that our house is a zoo. Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit, but Alli and I do like our animals. No…we love them. I’m going to start living my life the way I love our critters: without hesitation, unabashedly, with a smile on my face and a heart full of love and joy. Just Zoo It.